Sunday, May 16, 2010

Your Brand and the Brain: Simon Sinek and the Golden Circle

At a recent TED conference, Simon Sinek explained why your brand struggles while those of others thrive. Its not about what you do, or even how (or how well) you do it... It starts with WHY!

In this video (long, but engaging, worth your time with great ROI), Sinek explains how those who start with why, (Apple, Martin Luther King, the Wright Brothers) excel. He calls it the Golden Circle and is supported by the biology of our brain.

Sinek appears to be among marketing luminaries, like Joseph Jaffe (Flip the Funnel), who challenge us to rethink our assumptions and multiply our success.

In the customer driven world of social media and Web 2.0, this kind of thinking is paramount. We want our brands to be authentic, our leaders to be passionate, and our friends to believe in themselves.

What's Next?
  • Watch this video.
  • Think about the brands you choose, leaders who inspire you, and friends you follow.
  • Now look at yourself and your work.
Where do you start?

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